The good and the bad Cadejo

Most of you would have heard about the twins that were transformed into the Cadejos because of their bad behaviour and uncountable mischief, but these Cadejos are mostly seen in the rural areas while the good and the bad one are from the urban side and their story comes from the pre-colonial era. Do you want to hear it? Are you sure? Because it’s a scary story, are you sure? So, let’s go deep into it …
It was the year 400 BCE when the first inhabitants of Quelepa a settlement of the Lenca People were moving to a new land, a place that was beautiful and relatively close to a volcano and an impressive river full of fresh water. In this settlement a couple had a difficult birth of fraternal twins, the first ones in centuries the town was happy and excited because a new pair of twins had come and there were massive celebrations even the Shaman and their King came and blessed them.
Some years passed and these twins grew up, one had a beautiful red hair, yellow eyes and his skin was lighte…

The Amate tree

In many villages around El Salvador, the Amate tree (figure 1) is highly respected. Its structure is curious and full of mysteries. Its branches have a wailing appearance and the thickness of its foliage. The tree can be described as piece of art, but it is also a symbol of fear.
Figure 1. The Amate tree.
Many old people say that you can't sleep at night under the Amates, because they throw bones. There is also the legend that they throw a flower that can only be seen by deaf and young children. Inhabitants of Morazán evade the tree at night, because they say that it is the moment when the trees scare the most.
Some people throw bones to scare it, but if they don't do it on time, the devil appears and offers them whatever they want. It's advisable not to pass near them, when the sun has set in the sky.
Amates abound in warm places, especially in Central America and Mexico. In El Salvador, the place where the Amates are more prevalent is Morazán. At certain distance, you ca…

The headless horseman

Many moons ago in a small town of El Salvador; two nobles fought for the love of a beautiful and distinguished lady, who was the envy of her entire town.
In that town, these two nobles, who were in love with the beautiful lady as no one had ever seen, they constantly tried to impress her with their fantastic duels with their machetes, thousands of gifts, flowers, gold, all that you could imagine! But she couldn't decide between them because she wasn’t attracted to any of them.

Many months passed from the last duel, when the beautiful lady met a young man from a neighboring farm, an extraordinary horseman who toured her farm, in his bright jet black steed. It was love at first sight and from that day the two lovers met in an abandoned ranch between the two farms.
One night during the full moon, the young rider took his beloved one to the ranch of their romantic encounters. However, that night some eyes watched the lovers below the moonlight; and this person in order to win a fav…

The owl

There are many legends about the owls in El Salvador, because they are mysterious birds that can be seen at night only, especially during the phenomenon of the blue moon (figure 1).

Figure 1. The owl.¹
Many people believe, the owls are the spirits of witches who roam the Central American skies at night, they say that the owls try scaring their victims in dark places before they transform them into mouses that they can later hunt and eat! Also, some of them say that when a low whistle is heard from the skies, it is an owl that is flying over, and if anyone tries responding with the same whistle, it will fly to you and scratch your eyes!
There are different types of owls in those lands, some are called: Beard owls, which are a rare species that has two large long feathers that grow next to its beak. The elders say that these beard owls are in fact, sorcerers, who  were cursed by an old shaman who converted into owls forever! Because they were revealing their ancient secrets to the newco…

The witch rock

This legend tells a mystery that began in the late nineteenth century, and the early twentieth century, is in these days that the legend of the witch rock came to life. Many ensure that in this place where the rock is nestled (on top of the hill of the Sorcerer), it was the preferred place, where mysterious beings like the elves, danced at night and the evil spirits enveloped the place, so no one dared to visit the hill of the Sorcerer, unless it was there to summon evil spirits, demons, and performed witchcraft.
The rock has witnessed many evils and demonic covenants, because it is said that some ancient inhabitants of Victoria city visited the hill to ask the devil, health, money, women and more in exchange for their souls, in this way they sought a better life, which they would pay for all eternity, but we well continue discovering more about the witch rock, a silent witness of covenants and evil sacrifices on the part of people who desired something better in exchange for their p…

The hill of the snake

In a hamlet of Anamorós called Los Ríos, belonging to Los Cedros canton, in the time of our ancestors, many indians lived there, the cacique (chief) hated and lived in a constant disagreement with the indians of Anamorós, whom he sweared to destroy.
One day, the man who had sweared to destroy Anamorós, used his using magical powers to transform  himself into a gigantic snake, long and thick, and went under the rocks towards Anamorós, in order to fulfill his promise and destroy them once and for all. He would collapse the hill, causing a tremendous avalanche that would fall on Anamorós, thus killing all of them.
But on the other hand, the indian cacique of Anamorós, realized the cruel intentions of his neighbor, and immediately decided to go to the top of the hill of his town and build a protection in the shape of a small stage. Additionally, he walked tirelessly until he reached a good height on the hill and try to see the snake warlock, but he failed.
Later in his journey, he realiz…

The Lempa river

Long ago before the creation of the indigenous man on the American territory. In those days, in El Salvador used to live a family with magical and supernatural powers. They were demigods of the mythology of Cuscatlan! They lived in the Salvadorian rainforest, but despite being a dense and deep jungle, the water was very scarce, also in order to collect some, it was needed to walk by long stretches of a hostile territory and the worst part, it should be carried in clay pots, a very heavy work that had to be done daily.
The demigods family consisted of two elders and two young boys, these were grandchildren of the elder couple who were descendants of Tlaloc.

Every day, the grandfather was going to collect the water for their daily chores. He knew where to find it, but he never revealed the secret of where he got it. Most of the time his grandchildren accompanied him and sent them back with water without ever revealing, where or what part of the jungle he got it, but the guys were tired…

The rock of Cayaguanca

This legend says that at the foot of the hill there was an indigenous population. This population was ruled by a strong and bad-tempered cacique, who had a very beautiful daughter whom everyone pretended and coveted, even the character we would discover so far … The warrior was named Cayaguanca.
Cayaguanca was a great warrior, but he did not possess any wealth for which he was not well seen by the bitter and protective father, but Cayaguanca managed to conquer the young maiden's heart and in with his love, they met secretly, but no secret can be hide forever and the inevitable day arrived.
The cacique realized of romance between the warrior and his daughter, he enraged and gave the order to capture Cayaguanca. After Cayaguanca was caught, the cacique ordered to tie him to the rock and leave it there until he died of hunger and cold! Cayaguanca's tears were unmeasurable that flooded the indigenous tribe, then he started to become solid until he transformed into a rock, coverin…