Comizahual “The White Woman”

In the 13th century, a white woman appeared on Honduras’s north coast. The Lenca people were surprised by her appearance since she looked completely atypical to them. They wondered where she came from because she was able to speak their mother tongue as if she was any of them. Plus, she understood all their traditions and rituals.

The white woman started traveling through the entire Lenca region between Honduras’s north coast and the southeast part of El Salvador. In all these lands, she was called Cozumel (figure 1), which means “The flying tiger.”

Figure 1. Cozumel “The Flying Tiger.”

Some people said she was as light as air and flew through their lands, so they nicknamed it that way.

Cozumel was a fierce, powerful, and clever woman. Many people acknowledged her as a force to recognize because she was a sorceress who was capable of casting impressive spells that surprised all tribes. She protected the Lenca people from multiple invasions and brought the rain back during the seven drought years caused by El Niño. In addition to that, many more miracles were associated with her. Her stories are uncountable.

Moreover, some elders said she founded a fantastic empire that lived for ages in the Quelapa lands where its inhabitants had prosperous lives. Everyone wanted to join her empire, she welcomed any new member, as if they were the new kings of the land.

Throughout many generations in Quelapa, people enjoyed the benefits and miracles she gave them until one day, she vanished as she appeared in the lands of Honduras. The Lenca people's descendants are still waiting for the return of their noble heroine Cozumel, “The flying tiger” till today.


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