Chasca “The virgin of the water”

Long ago there was a powerful oligarch in the lands of the Barra de Santiago in Auchapan, El Salvador. This important businessman called Pachacutec engaged his only daughter Chasca with the prince of the Zutuhil tribe.

All legends say that Chasca was a really beautiful girl with a magnificent smile, body and hair; she was the star of the city and everybody wanted to date her. However, Chasca never loved her future husband or other men in the city, her pure heart was owned by a poor and young fisherman called Acayetl. She met him during her 15th birthday, he delivered the most tasty fish for her important day and it was love at the first sight. This fisherman lived in the island of Zanate.

Weeks later, every night Chasca visited him, they sang and danced as if there was no end. Acayetl loved her and enjoyed every minute that expended with her as if it was the last one. From time to time, he sang to her from his boat while they were sailing in the coast.

However, one cold night when Chasca was on her way to Acayetl's boat; the unbelievable happened, an arrow flied to Acayetl's heart and killed him instantly. Chasca saw how her beloved died in front of her eyes, she couldn't believe what was happening and she took her life too; she tied a stone to her waist, went to the nearest cliff and jumped into the water …

The person who killed Acayetl was sent by Pachacutec and notified him that both of them died, Pachacutec furiously killed this man with his own hands because he lost everything due to a silly mistake.

Twenty years later, her spirit re-appeared on the coast of the Barra de Santiago during the full moon, she was dressing a magnificent dress made of feathers with her beloved Acayetl in a white boat (figure 1), both of them were laughing of happiness and greeting the people who saw them sailing once again.

Figure 1. Chasca and her beloved Acayetl. ¹

Nowadays, every time the fishermen during the full moon, they do not go fishing because they do not want to disturb the virgin of the water and her beloved, and due to that Acayetl and Chasca see their respect and they bless their fishing.

¹ Copyright © 2017 El Salvador Región Magica.


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