Hawk Hill

Long ago, a dwarf called Dieguito arrived at Hawk Hill from some faraway lands. He decided to build his small cabin (figure 1) on its summit and planted some of the most beautiful flowers and lilies any person had ever seen.

Figure 1. Dieguito, the dwarf. ¹

Every person who walked around Dieguito’s lands was always impressed by the beauty of his flowers. They looked like something really exotic. They often asked him for their price and if he could sell them some. However, he always refused and never revealed where he had brought them from.

On some occasions when Dieguito climbs down the hill with some flowers. If he met on that day an honest, young, and well well-behaved girl, he would give them a bunch of flowers and wild lilies, placing them at his feet. He immediately left after this without saying a word.

Some girls felt flattered, but others were really annoyed and confused him with the mischievous Irish dwarf living in Cabañas.

¹ Heroes of Might & Magic III: HD Edition


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