Timeless Stories of El Salvador v2 is available!

The 2nd volume of 31 of the most memorable legends and fairy tales from El Salvador is ready for all of YOU, Timeless Stories of El Salvador V2, Epiphany!

It is available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover formats from:

It is time you enjoy the best stories of the Salvadoran nights with your friends, family, and the world šŸŒŽ. Share some small bites of the Thumb of the Americas with everyone you know.

Be part of the change that you want to see.

The 2nd volume includes:
  • Sir Francis Drake, The First Pirate of The Pacific
  • The Death of The Sorcerer of La Nahuaterique
  • The Mulus
  • The Almighty Tlaloc
  • The Mysterious Woman of The Toad River
  • Lake Ilopango
  • The Bewitched Wagon
  • The Dwarf
  • The Bandari Witch
  • The Weeping Woman
  • The Virgin of Izalco
  • The Headless Horseman
  • Tenancin, Cipitio’s girlfriend
  • Prince Atonal
  • The Pirate Treasures of Meanguera Island
  • The Black Horse
  • Tangaloa “The Guardian of The Sea”
  • The Cocoa
  • Lake Coatepeque Snake
  • The Woman of The Chinchontepec
  • The Amate Flower
  • TitilcĆ­huat “The Fire Woman”
  • The Arbolarios
  • Devil’s Pool and its twin
  • The Frogfish
  • The Eruption of The San Salvador Volcano
  • The Giantess of Jocoro
  • The Bewitched Rock
  • The Old Church of San Dionisio
  • The Cukinca Cave
  • Cuicuizcatl and The Chinchontepec Underworlds


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